10 Health Benefits of Kale – Rich in Vitamin C

health benefits of kale

Health benefits of kale that rich in vitamin C – Kale is a green leafy vegetable that is still similar to the wild cabbage. Although it’s green, it turns kale are vegetables with a higher vitamin C than citrus fruits. Kale is touted as” the new beef”, “the queen of greens” , “a superfood” , and “a nutritional powerhouse.”

Types of Kale:
There are so many types of kale. However, the most common are 3 types, curly kale, lacinato kale (also called dinosaur kale, black kale, Tuscan kale, or Cavolo nero ), and red Russian kale.

The most common type of kale is curly kale. As you can guess, curling at the edges and shapes ranging from light green to purple. Ironically, this kale is one of the more bitter type of kale, so the younger leaves are better.

Lacinato kale has leaves blue-green, lacinato more wrinkled, narrow and firm. Has a deeper flavor, earthy lacinato kale with sweet touch.

Red Russian Kale has flat leaves, with reddish purple color common. It feels light and sweet. Kale is a very good type consumed during cold weather. Whatever type of kale that you want, be sure to choose organic kale. If not, perhaps laden with pesticides.

These are 10 health benefits of kale, try to adding kale to your diet:

1. Kale is low in calories, high in fiber and contain no fat. One cup of kale contains only 36 calories, 5 grams of fiber and 0 grams of fat. With the fiber content, kale is very good to help digestion and expedite disposal. Kale also contains a lot of nutrients, vitamins, folate and magnesium, which are also listed below.

2. Kale is contains a lot of iron. If calculated per calorie, kale has more iron than meat. Iron is very important for health, for example, for the formation of hemoglobin and enzymes, sends oxygen to the various parts of the body, regenerate cell – cell, liver function and help others.

3. Kale is contains a lot of Vitamin K. Eating a diet that is high in Vitamin K that can help fight cancer. Vitamin K is also necessary for many body functions including bone health and prevent blood clots. In addition, increasing the vitamin K can also help people who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease.

4. Kale was filled with antioxidant (potent antioxidant). Antioxidants, such as carotenoids and flavonoids, helps protect your body from the attacks of various types of cancer.

5. Kale is an excellent food to prevent inflammation. One cup of kale contains 10% of the RDA of omega-3 fatty acids, which can help combat arthritis disorders, asthma, and autoimmune. ( 5th health benefits of kale )

6. Kale is very good for maintaining heart health. Emphasis on eating kale that can help lower cholesterol levels.

7. Kale is high in Vitamin A. Vitamin A is very important for your vision, your skin, it also helps prevent lung cancer and oral cavity.

8. Kale is high in Vitamin C. It is very beneficial to your immune system, your metabolism, and your body merehidrasi.

9. Kale is high in calcium. The calories that kale has more calcium than milk, which helps prevent damage to bones, prevent osteoporosis and maintain the body’s metabolism in order to stay healthy. Vitamin C also helps to maintain flexibility and joint cartilage.

10. Kale is a very good food for detox. Kale contains a lot of fiber and sulfur, which is very good for cleansing the body and maintain the health of your liver. ( Health Benefits of Kale – Rich in Vitamin C )

Additional Information: ( Health benefits of Kale and Fact about Kale)

– Organic
Unfortunately, kale is one of many types of vegetables most contaminated by pesticides. So if you want to get the properties of kale to the maximum, you should select and enjoy organic.

– Combination
Kale contains quercetin are compounds that reduce inflammation and prevent clotting of blood vessels, and sulforaphane (cancer-fighting components). However, these two nutrients are more effective if its eaten with other foods kale. For example, a combination of food kale and avocado, olive oil or cheese with kale and lemon juice.

– Better than orange
A cup of kale offers 134 % RDA of vitamin C, while the medium orange 113 % increase. However, a cup of kale weighs about 67 grams and oranges weighs 131 grams, gram per gram, kale has double the vitamin C of oranges!

– Better than milk
Kale has more calcium per calorie than with a glass of milk. However, to be able to properly absorb calcium into the body, magnesium should be there.

– Better than beef
Kale actually provide more iron per calorie, so it is better than beef! – that some list of the health benefits of kale, I hope this article will be useful.