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Health Benefits of Strawberries – Everyone in the world must know the fruit of this one, namely Strawberry. Striking red color and appear fresh, can make anyone who sees it wants to eat. Distinctive taste is sweet and a little sour, it makes people become addicted.

The fruit can be eaten directly, this fruit (strawberry) is also often used to decorate dishes particularly on the cake. Fruit which has the Latin name fragraria chiloensis can be encountered in each country. But do you know the real health benefits of strawberries?

Benefits of strawberries are very much, especially for health and beauty. This fruit is also widely used by food companies and cosmetics companies, namely as one of the main ingredients to make their products. Many countries in the world that uses this fruit to be processed into a product that is good for health. Therefore, it is not difficult for all of us who want to know the benefits of strawberries for consumption and has been proven to be good for beauty care. Besides the delicious taste, strawberries are also rich in nutrients that are essential for good health.

Below are 13 health benefits of strawberries that should we know  :

1. Can smooth the skin 

By eating this fruit every day, you will get good nutrition for healthy skin, your skin will be smooth and clean. Strawberry has a high content of vitamins and rich in anti-oxidants. If you take the fresh fruit on a regular basis, your skin becomes clean and scars, and it also can heal your acne.

2. Rich in Vitamin C 

With its vitamin C content is high and also does not contain a lot of sugar, strawberries can be one of the menus for your healthy diet, and can provide an encouraging effect and can make your cheeks become flushed naturally, and will beautify your face. One glass of strawberries contains 136% RDA of vitamin C. Vitamin C has a tremendous benefit to boost immunity and prevent macular degeneration.

3. Good for brain health 

Experts say that eating strawberries regularly can make a better-developed brain. Because in these fruits are iodine can improve nervous system function.

4. Can make your teeth whiter

In addition to the health of internal organs, the benefits of strawberries are also very good for your teeth. This fruit mash and apply on your teeth, after a few minutes, you can brush and clean your teeth. Do it properly and regularly, then after a few days see the results, strawberries can brighten the color of your teeth.

5. Strawberry can help prevent cancer 

Strawberry rich in anti-oxidants are believed to prevent cancer. Ellagik phytochemical substances or acids contained in fruit are naturally going to cripple and eliminate the growth of cancer in the body tissues. The combination of anti-inflammatory and content of antioxidants found in strawberries can prevent the growth of cancer.

6. For a healthy diet 

A cup of strawberries contains lots of fiber and contains very few calories which is about 43 calories. A study proves that the fiber found in strawberries can facilitate your digestion.

7. Strawberry is good for our bones 

The presence of manganese compounds found in strawberries and proven to help build bones and maintain the bone joints.

8. Can counteract free radicals 

Strawberry is rich in antioxidants that are good for warding off free radicals.

9. Strawberry can help prevent anemia 

Anemia (iron deficiency) can be overcome by consuming strawberries regularly, this is because this fruit contains high iron, so it will be perfect for extra nutrition is good for red blood cells.

10. Strawberry is able to prevent high blood pressure 

Experts have also proved that potassium and iron content in the strawberry is very effective to reduce high blood pressure and be able to make normal blood pressure and more balanced.

11. Strawberry to prevent heart disease 

High in fiber, vitamin C and folate, as well as anti-oxidant content of the fruit is very effective in reducing cholesterol levels in the body, this is what makes strawberries can prevent heart disease.

12. Strawberry can prevent leukemia 

A study explains that the strawberry has a therapeutic effect turned out to be very good to prevent cancer, especially leukemia. This is because of the substances contained in it are amine clan, tanae acid.

13. Defect prevents diabetes 

Anthocyanin content of existing substances in this fruit can prevent problems that may result from diabetes.

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