15 Amazing Health Benefits of Yoga


Health Benefits of Yoga – Yoga is one kind of art of the body (gymnastics) which has been popular among people all over the world. Yoga originated in India and then spread to the rest of the world, this is because yoga has many benefits for health. A wide variety of studies have shown that yoga has significant benefits for the body and soul, because yoga combines body movements and if the soul through a variety of breathing techniques and meditation.

Below are 15 health benefits of yoga, among others:

1. Make more flexible
This benefit is most directly felt. Perhaps at the beginning of the exercise have not been able to touch your toes while doing backbend movement. However, if you practice regularly, your body is slowly starting to feel more flexible and you can finally touch the toe. You will also find pain and aches disappear.

2. Make stronger
Strong muscles make you look more attractive. According to experts muscles can keep our body from arthritis and back pain as well as easy to fall in the elderly. You can build muscle strength through yoga, and balance it with flexibility.

3. Improve posture
Did you know our head like a bowling ball that big and heavy? Need balance in the spine and back muscles as well as supporters. It is not impossible if we often feel tired. Poor posture is the main cause. Yoga can improve posture and prevent pain, fatigue, arthritis and also because of poor posture.

4. Protect joints from rheumatism and arthritis
Every time you do yoga, you have to train the joints are able to move in full range. This means that will prevent degenerative arthritis by “squeezing and soaking” areas of cartilage that is rarely used. Cartilage is like a sponge that absorbs nutrients only when the liquid removed. Without exercise, the tissue will rot and leave without bearing bones.

5. Protecting backbone
Spinal segments as shock absorbers between bones behind also need to be trained. If diligent practice backbend, forward bend, and twist, you keep the spinal joints become more flexible.

6 . Preventing osteoporosis
There have been many studies have shown that weight-bearing exercise strengthens bones and banish osteoporosis. Many yoga postures that require you to lift the weight of the body itself. Pose downward or upward facing dog helps to strengthen the arm bones that are prone to osteoporosis taxable. Yoga is also good increase spine density.

6. Blood circulation
Yoga trains you to relax. Relaxation exercises that help the blood circulation, especially in the feet and hand, and also it can helps oxygen to enter the cell. Twist poses both to bring blood to the internal organs and drain out after it finished pose. Pose of headstand, handstand, and shoulderstand can helps carry blood from the heart to the legs and pelvis, and from there is pumped to the lungs, so it gets fresh oxygen. In addition, yoga also increases the levels of red blood cells and hemoglobin that carries oxygen to the tissues. This is the top health benefits of yoga.

8. Cleaning lymph
When the contract and stretch muscles, move organs, you increase the cleaning lymph fluid rich in immune cells. It will help the lymphatic system fight infection, remove toxins from the production of cellular functions and also destroy cancerous cells.

9. Protect the heart
Aerobic exercise is good for protecting the heart. Although not included aerobic, if doing yoga, you increase the heart rate to an aerobic level. Although yoga does not increase heart rate that can improve cardiovascular function, study found that yoga can improve maximum oxygen intake while the sport, lowers the resting heart rate, and also can increase stamina. This value is the same as aerobic exercise.

10. Lowering blood pressure
You should try yoga if suffering from hypertension. Some studies of hypertension from the British medical journal compared the effects of savasana pose with just lying on the couch. After three months of savasana is called systolic blood pressure by 26 points and 15 points on the diastolic pressure.

11. Keeping the memory
Yoga lowers levels of the hormone cortisol. Normally, the adrenal glands secrete cortisol in response to a state of acute crisis which then temporarily pushed immune function. If after the crisis passed cortisol levels remain high, it can eat away at your immune. Increased cortisol is indeed temporary help long-term memory. However, if persistent, high cortisol interfere with memory and cause permanent changes in the brain. Excess cortisol was associated with depression, also high blood pressure, insulin resistance, and also osteoporosis,.

12. Bring happiness
Research shows that a consistent yoga practice improve depression, increase serotonin levels, and lowers cortisol. An expert from the University of Wisconsin, United States, found that the left prefrontal cortex seen rising in people who meditate. Those findings correlate higher levels of happiness and immune function better.

13. Health benefits of yoga for lose weight
Do not be lazy to move and do not be greedy. That’s actually the principle of maintaining a healthy weight. Yoga can help us do the two principles. Yoga exercises help you move and burn calories. Spiritual and Emotional side of yoga encourage you to look at eating and weight problems more deeply. By doing yoga might inspire you to control yourself while eating.

14. Lowering blood sugar and bad cholesterol
Yoga lowers blood sugar and bad cholesterol, and increases good cholesterol. In addition, yoga can also  helps control blood sugar by lowering cortisol and adrenaline levels, lose weight, and improve insulin sensitivity.

15. Improve intelligence
One important component of yoga is to focus on the present circumstances. The study found that regular yoga exercises to improve reaction and coordination, also memory, and even IQ scores. Some people who practice transcendental meditation is able to solve their problem, processing of information can be faster because it is able to concentrate better, easily distracted and not other problems. — Tags: health benefits of yoga for body health.

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