15-Noni Juice Benefits

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Noni or pace fruit has the Latin name that is Morinda citrifolia L, this plant belongs to the family of Rubiaceae. Since long time ago, many people believe noni proven potent to cure various diseases and they are also used noni as a traditional medicine.

Not only fruit that could be used as medicine, but also the leaves, stems and roots of the plant Morinda citrifolia also have efficacy of each. Noni is rich in enzymes and antioxidants, and is also believed to increase the energy in the body. In addition to antioxidants, noni also contain selenium compounds, as well xeronine, glycosides, scopoletin, terpine, limonene, and anthraquinone.

Below is more detail about the health benefits of noni juice scientifically proven through various research:

1. Improve Endurance Body

A study conducted by Dr. Schechter (Institute of Natural Medicine in California) have found data Important benefits of noni juice, noni which can stimulate the production of T cells in the immune system (cell T is a cell that plays an important role in fighting disease, strengthens the immune system, especially macrofaset and lymphocytes of the white blood cells, the study also found that noni acts as an anti-bacterial, can reduce pain (analgesic), and can inhibit the growth of tumor cells/cancer is the ability of the noni can normalize cells.

Medical Director at D.C. General Hospital, USA and also at the Boston University School of Medicine, reported that noni can improve the function of the thymus gland and the thyroid gland, so it can fight infections and problems related to the immune system.

2. Normalize Blood Pressure

According to the health problems of American researchers named Neil Solomon, MD.PhD, noni contains a similar scopoletin which serves to widen the channel of the blood vessel. This will not cause cardiac need to work too hard to pump blood so that the blood pressure became normal. The results of animal testing can prove that scopoletin lowering high blood pressure. In addition, the scopoletin contained in the noni fruit can interact synergistically with other nutraceuticals to manage high blood pressure so that the blood pressure became normal, but did not lower the normal blood pressure.

All this time never found cases in which the blood pressure down to normal lead to low blood pressure (hypotension). The experts have also studied noni, and they agree that these plants contribute to lower blood pressure in many case.

Simple clinical trial conducted at the Mt. Sinai School of Medicine in New York showed that many people who consume noni reported that their blood pressure becomes high when stopped drinking noni juice, and blood pressure will return back to normal when consuming noni juice on a regular basis.

3. Against Cancer and Tumor

A study presented at the annual meeting of the American Association fin. In this study, rats were given injections of “Lewis Lung Carcinoma” which is a kind of cancer. The rats were not treated with noni will die within 9-12 days. Whereas the rats treated with noni survive about 105-123 % longer and about 40 percent of the rats can live up to 50 days or more.

Then the study was repeated several times and the result is always proved that noni is found to significantly prolong the life of mice with cancer, the conclusion that the results of this study say that noni can inhibit tumor growth.

There are some cases of cancer patients can be cured when taking noni juice on a regular basis, for example is cases of Dr. Harrison patients that located in D.C. General Hospital, suffering from liver cancer and stomach swelling caused by excess fluid. He’s taking noni juice for 7 days, and swelling in the stomach reduced significantly, and latest test results on the patient’s abdomen showed that the cancer cells have disappeared.

According to research at Harvard University, noni able to work synergistically with other micronutrients in an effort to impede the flow of blood leading to tumor cells. The mechanism is similar to squalene oil that can control tumor growth with brain damage equipment circulation that supplies blood to the tumor cells.

4. Eliminate Pain

This is attributed to the ability of the protein to normalize xeronine on abnormal cells, for example, such as cells of brain tissue. Many cases of chronic pain such as headaches constantly, muscle soreness nerve and joint pain cured after taking Noni juice.

5. Addressing Inflammation and Allergy

The compound scopoletin (hydroxy-methoxy-coumarin) is very effective as an anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic. Literature medical report on the successful treatment of arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, also bursitis, and allergies using scopoletin. Some patients who have arthritis also began to experience real progress after drinking Noni juice. The doctor offers Noni juice as additional food/supplement and not a drug to the patient.

6. Noni Juice as Anti-bacterial

Noni contains anti-bacterial ingredients that can be used to treat heart disease and digestive problems. Antraquinon compound that is widely available on the noni roots are proven to fight bacteria that cause Staphylococcus infections of the heart and Shigella bacteria that cause dysentery.

Microbiologist from Utah, USA, found that yeast molds and fungi and their toxins it produces can cause the body’s cells become sick, it is because the degree of acidity (pH) increases. If consume Noni juice the situation can be resolved as noni helps regulate the pH balance in the body, by increasing the body’s ability to absorb minerals, and also proteins and vitamins.

Efficacy Supplement

Noni has other properties that have not been proven medically, but empirically have a lot of people who undergoing refurbishment and improvement of health after consuming the juice. Some of the health problems that can be solved using Noni :

7. Digestive System: Abdominal bloating, injury to the small intestine, and also vomiting, stomach ulcers,  and also food poisoning.

8. Respiratory system: cough, tuberculosis, also bronchitis, sore throat,  and cholera, fever in infants, sinusitis, also asthma.

9. Cardiovascular system: thickening of the heart muscle, and also high cholesterol, increasing oxygen transport within the cell.

10. Skin diseases: boils, cellulite, burns, also scabies,  skin worms,  and also dandruff, ringworm, and inflammation of the skin, ulcers on skin, and skin problems on the other.

11. Mouth and throat: sore throat, mouth sores, cough, bleeding gums, tooth ache.

12. Menstrual disorders: for examples like pain during menstruation,  also premenstrual syndrome, and also irregular menstrual cycles.

13. Ageless: Noni juice also could be used as a tonic to overcome the wrinkles due to aging.

14. Diseases in the body: hip pain, headaches, also Diabetes, chronic hepatitis,  also impaired renal function, urinary stones, and interference with thyroid hormone.

15. Deficiency of the immune system: Diseases Epstein-Barr virus, chronic candidiasis, a disease caused by HIV infection, shortage energy (AES=altered energy syndrome).

Perhaps you are wondering, why a plant species such as noni, can cure so many types of diseases? Scientific research shows that constituents in noni fruit has the property to stimulate the formation of immunity, cleanse the blood, regulating cell function , regeneration of damaged cells and inhibits tumor growth.