26 Health Benefits of Onions


Health Benefits of Onions-Onions are one of the root crops that are very well known by the public, especially for seasoning in cooking. All culinary or cooking ingredient definitely use this one. Apparently, not only the benefits of onions as spices or herbs flavoring dishes, but onions also has a number of properties that are good for our health.

Some properties and health benefits of onions and the content for treatment, as follows below :

1. Onions beneficial for cancer prevention:
Onions is rich in active compounds that successfully inhibit the growth of cancer cells.

2. Benefits of onions to reduce earache:
Several drops of onion juice is really been proven and highly beneficial for individuals suffering from acute ear pain, ringing in the ears and the sound can be cured by placing the onion juice in the ear with a cotton swab.

3. Benefits of onions to treat a variety of human diseases:
As we have seen the efficacy and benefits of onions to treat a variety of human diseases like, tumors, persistent cough and cold medicine practitioners have regarded this as a form that plants are perfect for eliminating the disease syndrome. By consuming onions can help in the prevention of stomach cancer and breast cancer.

4. Treatment of anemia:
And even anemic conditions can be improved by eating onions along with jaggery and water.

5. Onions can relieve abdominal pain:
Onions has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties that provide relief for upset stomach and related gastro sidrom.

6. Onions can be used to treat urinary disorders:
For The people who suffer from a burning sensation when urinating, onions can provide considerable relief. Well for the people that have to take Urine disorders onions with boiling water 6 to 7 grams of the onion.

7. Onions beneficial to treat diabetes mellitus:
One of the substances contained in the onion is Tolbutomid that it can help to control blood sugar in the liver. and regulate the release of insulin also prevents any disorder that affects the production of insulin in the body. This is the top health benefits of onions.

8. Efficacy and benefits of onions as a substitute for ammonia:
Onions aroma, which is owned by the smell of onions is stung into the nose, and stimulating blood, respiratory function, as well as nerve function. Things like this can help in giving first aid to someone who is not self-conscious or unconscious.

9. For hemorrhoid medication and deworming medicine.

10. Onions are useful to kill the bacteria.

12. Onions to dilute phlegm and helps in curing inflammation of lungs.

13. Onions can be used to prevent TB disease.

14. Onions can help you when you urinate difficult.

15. Onion benefits for treating heart disease.

16. Benefit onion to help increase arousal.

17. Onions can prevent esophageal cancer: Onions is a kind of spice that is rich in active compounds that can inhibit the growth of cancer cells.

18. Benefit onion to treat any warts on the feet.

19. Benefits of onions to kill germs in the mouth: Onion turns are often used to prevent dental decay and infection in the mouth, with a trick like chewing raw onions raw, so will eliminate all the germs in the mouth.

20. Benefits of onions to treat acne on the face: Juices made ​​from onions, honey and olive oil may help in the treatment of acne.

21. Onions are useful for treating wounds caused by insect bites:
Not only for treating acne, onion juice can also help to reduce the pain caused by some insects such as bees and scorpions. Onions were made ​​into juice or paste can be applied on the area bitten or stung by insects. The pain will gradually disappear.

22. Onions are useful for treating ear feels buzzing.

24. Onions are useful for treating hypertension.

25. Beneficial for reducing blood pressure:
Onions studied turned out to contain plant pigments called flavonoids. Pigment is what turns helps in reducing blood pressure in those who suffer from hypertension or high blood pressure. Onions help in thinning the blood so that for people with hypertension is highly recommended to consume onion, onions that’s why it can be useful for those who suffer from hypertensive.

26. Beneficial for blood dilution in the body:
Onions according to a study by the Department of Primary Industries in Institute of Animal Science-Victoria, Australia, said that the onion is very good to thin the blood cells. Similarly, an explanation about health benefits of onions, I hope may be useful for those who read. Thanks – by organic medicines

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