5 Healthy Lifestyle to Reduce Risk of Dementia

ways to lower risk of dementia

Healthy Lifestyle to Reduce Risk of Dementia – Dementia is a syndrome of functional decline caused by abnormalities that occur in the brain. There are some simple ways you can do to start a healthy lifestyle, because it can significantly reduce the risk of dementia. This has been revealed by a study carried out for more than 35 years by researchers who came from England.

5 Ways to Lower Risk of Dementia
The findings were published with online method in the journal PLOS One and reported by Medical News Today, has been shown that applying the following 5 healthy lifestyle is more effective to reduce the risk of cognitive decline that associated with age, as compared with medical treatment or other preventive procedures. These are some healthy lifestyle methods, such as:

1. Exercise regularly.

2. Do not smoke.

3. Do not consume alcohol.

4. Maintain ideal weight remains.

5. Eating healthy foods.

“What the research shows that by following a healthy lifestyle can provide great benefits for health, “said Peter Elwood, lead researcher from Cardiff University’s School of Medicine.

The findings are based on analysis of healthy behaviors among 2,235 men with age about 45 to 49 years old, ranging from 1979 to 2004, in Caerphilly, UK. During the study, diabetes, vascular disease, cancer, and death is recorded in conjunction with cognitive-checking.

The results showed that people who followed the study at least 4 between 5 healthy lifestyle that has been mentioned above, and has been known to have a reduced risk of dementia and cognitive decline risk about 60 percent. In addition, the risk for developing diabetes, stroke, heart disease also decreased if compared with those who did not follow the healthy lifestyle methods.

When there is a reduced risk of dementia, the researchers noted that exercise is the most powerful factor among the four other factors.

“The amount of reduction in the incidence of dementia by implementing measures or simple healthy lifestyle is make us wonder, and this is very important for those who are getting older,” said Elwood. Doug Brown, MD, director of research and development at the Alzheimer’s Society said that the findings provide new strong evidence to support the relationship between mind and body, as both relate to physical and mental health.

“We have known for some time that what is good for the heart is also good for the head, and this study provides further evidence to show that healthy living can significantly reduce the risk of dementia, “said Brown… Healthy Lifestyle to Reduce Risk of Dementia – by health news 99

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