5 Simple Ways to Lower Blood Pressure Naturally

ways to lower blood pressure naturally

Ways to Lower Blood Pressure Naturally, High blood pressure (hypertension) is a common problem that occurs in every person, high blood pressure can lead to serious diseases such as stroke, heart attack, and other cardiovascular diseases. High blood pressure usually occurs in 1 out of every 3 adults. Many people who use drugs as a solution, but many studies have shown some simple ways that we can do to control and lower blood pressure naturally.

Simple methods include exercise, maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle changes that can control hypertension. Experts have proven that a healthy lifestyle can prevent and fight hypertension.

These are 5 Simple Ways to Lower Blood Pressure Naturally:

Exercise that performed routinely and regularly is an effective way to lower blood pressure in the body. Experts advise to exercise 3 times a week, with the duration for about 30 to 60 minutes for each time exercising. By doing the exercises shown to lower blood pressure which is about 4-9 mmHg. For patients with hypertension must often engage in physical activity. This is also true for patients with prehypertension to prevent the occurrence of hypertension. In addition, exercise can also help reduce your weight, because excess weight is often associated with high blood pressure.

Avoid Alcohol
Excessive alcohol consumption doesn’t good for health and it can cause increase blood pressure, which in turn will increase the risk of hypertension. So, don’t consume too much alcohol!!

Lose your weight
Weight gain to be one of the causes of hypertension. By way of reducing weight, although only a few kilograms, it has been able to bring down the blood pressure. Remember, Your waist is a good indicator of your weight. Increased waist circumference can be an “alarm” which indicates the coming of hypertension. For people who are overweight or obese, the more weight is reduced, then the blood pressure will also be reduced. To achieve this goal, you can do it with a healthy diet and exercise.

Reducing sodium intake
By way of reducing sodium intake is believed to help lower blood pressure. Generally, sodium is associated with a high salt dish, although sometimes it isn’t always true. Salt as we know it’s composed of 40 percent sodium, and the rest is chloride ions. In order for the body’s health is maintained and the blood pressure remains stable, then the sodium intake which recommended by experts is 2300 milligrams or less. For people over 51 years old, the recommended daily intake of sodium is 1500 grams or less. ( Read: foods to lower blood pressure )

Avoid stress

Stress is an important factor associated with some kind of disease, and it’s also often associated with high blood pressure. Stress and excessive anxiety can cause an increase in blood pressure, although it is only temporary. So, some experts experts suggest you to avoid stress. In addition, breathing exercises is one of the best ways to cope with stress, so as to reduce the risk of developing hypertension. Patients with high blood pressure are advised to find help from a professional counselor. Similarly, an explanation about Ways to Lower Blood Pressure Naturally, hopefully this article useful to those who read it. Thank you 🙂 by healthcare tips

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