Kids Health: 9 Healthy Snack Ideas For Kids

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Healthy snacks for kids is very important. Especially when you look at the growing epidemic of obesity, it is easy to see how important it is to ensure that our children not only eat healthy foods, but also a healthy snack in between meals.

When we look at what is called the snacks that are marketed to kids, it almost seems that this is some of the most unhealthy food around us! Snacks such as candy full of sugar and food coloring, salty crunchy snacks, and granola bars are more like a candy bar with oats is not really a healthy snack. These 9 healthy snacks that very good for our kids health….

With these tips you can ensure that your child’s belly full of nutritious foods :

1. Pineapple Ice Cream
This frozen pineapple ice which is one of children’s favorite snack, so easy to make. It only takes a blender, some canned pineapple, bananas, and vanilla low-fat yogurt to make a healthy snack that has a different taste but healthy! Make sure you have popsicle molds or ice cube trays to freeze it and it is very fun to do with your kids, and certainly a refreshing snacks and healthy.

2. Fruits and vegetables Muffins
This is called the fruit and vegetable muffins because they are delicious muffins that added applesauce, bananas, and carrots are all included in a healthy snack for one bite! And children hardly know that all fruits and vegetables in it. While it is good to teach children to try fruits and vegetables alone, and I also felt good to be able to hide some of the fruits and vegetables in the extra food they eat every day to make sure they are getting enough nutrition.

You not only can put carrots, apples, but also bananas and other. You could try adding grated zucchini to improve nutrition as well ! For once bite size or full-size muffins are equally delicious. Make kids to try it!

3. White Beans Sauce
Children tend to love to dip food into all sorts of sauces. There are lots of sauces such as tomato sauce or ketchup and other sauces that milk should be healthy. White bean sauce not just liked the kids and tasty, but also healthy! Nuts are loaded with healthy protein and fiber, and this sauce contains very little fat. Serve with carrots, celery to fill the free time children with healthy snacks and cheap.

4. Sweet Potato
We particularly liked the sweet potatoes to be consumed as a snack for the kids to get through the day. Sweet potato itself is just loaded with nutrients such as vitamins A and C as well as a healthy dietary fiber. They can be packed in a lunch menu or as an afternoon snack when the kids get hungry and before dinner approached. Of course there are many varieties of sweet potatoes are available in many places, but this by itself would make the menu more to save money than buy.

5. Dried Peaches
Dried fruit is a favorite among children. And it’s definitely a much healthier choice than ever popular fruit snack for kids. This recipe for dried peaches definitely fits in the late summer when fresh peaches are plentiful. This is a great way to enjoy a bit of summer harvest after summer passes.

6. Falafel
Falafel is another healthy snack that can be packed in lunches or as a simple snack. Made with fiber-rich beans, some vegetables, and a little oil for cooking, it is a miracle nutrient. Children will love to dip in tzatziki or yogurt sauce.

7. Gluten -Free Energy Booster Bars
Now, energy booster bar is easy to be made, they also happen to be gluten-free if it is a concern you or someone in your family! Even so, they were delicious even if you do not require a gluten-free diet. Makes energy bars by yourself will definitely save more money than buying in the store.

8. Smooth Mango Fruit
Many types of mangoes that are sure to make you add it into the list of healthy snacks for children. Mangoes are a favorite when in season peach and mango. Plain Greek yogurt and milk helps boost calcium and protein in the mango supply fruit and of course a lot of fiber and vitamins and minerals.

9. Dried Apples
Dried apple is another favorite snack. In the fall, when apples are in quality and best price, we buy lots and there are fresh aplples and there are ones that have been dried ! They are snacks that can be taken anywhere, and the perfect fit for your lunch, or a quick afternoon snack.

Dental Health: 20 Tips For Maintaining Good Oral Hygiene

dental health

Oral health is starting gate that affect the health of the body. However, we often underestimate the problem until the disease finally came together with remorse. For those of you who had a toothache, would know how painful it is. “Amazing” isn’t it? Indeed, some people issued a statement that toothache better than broken heart. But , when they have a toothache they would repeal those words.

Toothache occurs because we pay less attention to oral health. Causing cavities, swollen and bleeding gums and bad breath. Well, on this occasion we will share information about how to care for and maintain the health of your teeth and mouth.

1. Do not fear the dentist

Some people are feel fear when they should go to the dentist. Only imagine the equipment in the dentist room will feels creepy. If you feel anxious when in the dentist room, try to bring a music player with a list of your favorite songs. Then, try to breathe regularly. Do not hold your breath. That way, the blood circulation going smoothly thus helping you reduce the tension. And do not be shy to tell your tension to the doctor. That way, it will help you feel comfortable.

2. Flossing before brushing teeth

Experts advise to conduct flossing (how to clean between the teeth using floss) before brushing teeth. By doing flossing remnants of food stuck between the teeth will be easy to clean, so it helps to be more effective brushing. During brushing use a 45 degree angle on the gum line and do with soft movements.

3. Take advantage of toothpicks

If you do not have a dental cleaning floss, use a toothpick to clean up leftover food in between teeth. However, be careful when using a toothpick, because if we use any toothpicks will roughly negative effect on dental health and also injure your gums. You need to remember that the wound is where the growth of bacteria.

4. Replace your toothbrush regularly

In order for healthier teeth, replace your toothbrush regularly every three or four months. For electric toothbrush, change in accordance with the guidelines in the user guide. Replacement brush your teeth regularly will help you avoid the germs that may stick in the brush bristles.

5. Cheese consumption

Protein in cheese is excellent for preventing erosion of tooth enamel. Plus, cheese is rich in calcium which also makes your teeth stronger. Do not forget to take vitamin D which helps calcium absorption. Vitamin D can be found in milk, also eggs, and fish. These foods are rich in calcium and good for dental health. The content of vitamin D and phosphate will also strengthen the teeth so brittle and can not easily fix the damaged tooth components effectively.

6. Stop stains with baking soda

If you are fond of consuming coffee, tea, or other foods that will leave plaque on your teeth, try to clean your teeth with baking soda twice a month. Use baking soda as toothpaste you use. If the use of baking soda make you irritable, try toothpaste that contains baking soda.

7. Consider food

Some of the food was accused can leave stains on teeth. Several other foods are also claimed to be able to brighten the teeth, such as strawberries. There is speculation that the strawberries have a natural teeth whitener. Therefore, suited to help clean your teeth after consuming coffee or smoking. For more help minimize plaque, try eating apples, pears, carrots, or celery. These foods will increase the production of saliva, which is good for dental hygiene.

8. Adjust the acidity

Acidity will affect the health of your teeth and mouth. Food can affect the levels of acidity in between chocolate, alcohol, soda, coffee, tea, onions, garlic, dairy products, tomatoes, citrus, mint and spicy and fatty foods.

9. Take care of the tongue

In order to stay awake breath, brush your tongue every time anyway brushing. The tongue is one of the growth of bacteria that cause bad breath fresh. To clean the tongue, use a scrub or scrubbing the tongue every day.
10. Drugs make dry mouth

Mouth need saliva to stay healthy. However, some medications such as antihistamines can dry up saliva. To help keep the tooth moist, increase your intake of fluids in the body or chew gum after meals. If that does not help, consult a doctor regarding the use of artificial saliva products.

11. Healthy Foods

Eating a healthy and balanced diet. In addition to carbohydrates you also need extra nutrients such as vitamins and minerals that keep teeth and gums healthy. Especially vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin D.

12. Water

Water is the main component of saliva, which serves to store minerals needed gear, as well as clean the food particles stuck in between teeth. The water also contains fluoride which can make your gums kept moist and strengthen tooth enamel.

13. Mealtime

Give the lag time between eating and snacking. This helps the teeth that are not always exposed to acid. Because after eating, acids are formed between 20-40 minutes.

14. Avoid Sugar

Beverages with added sugar such as juice, tea and coffee will form the acid on the teeth. Limit drinking beverages with added sugar. Including eating candy lollipop.

15. Children’s Dental Health

Do not let the baby a bottle of milk for too long. That habits will make the teeth too long exposed carbohydrates, so it will damage baby teeth. Replace the contents of the bottle of water, and make it a habit the baby drink milk from a glass.

16. Toothbrush

Brush your teeth at least twice a day. However, whenever possible brush your teeth after meals will help remove plaque that can create acid.

17. Tea consumption

Tea contains polyphenols which can suppress the growth of bacteria that causes dental plaque. In addition, tea also can prevent cavities. For better results, use honey instead of sugar. But do not overdo it because tea can also make teeth will seems yellow.

18. Quit smoking

Tobacco in cigarettes increases the risk of tooth decay, the teeth will look yellow even to black. Tobacco can also cause interference with oral health.

19. Nuts

Nuts shown to contain calcium and vitamin D as well as minerals that high. These three components are very good for the teeth. But munching peanuts too often, especially the hard nuts, can damage tooth enamel. So still be careful when chewing nuts.

20. Perform Inspection

Every 6 months once came to the dentist for your dental examination and treatment.

Well, there are ways you can do to maintain oral health. Be sure to read the previous article on how to maintain healthy kidneys. May be useful.

15-Noni Juice Benefits

noni juice, fruits

Noni or pace fruit has the Latin name that is Morinda citrifolia L, this plant belongs to the family of Rubiaceae. Since long time ago, many people believe noni proven potent to cure various diseases and they are also used noni as a traditional medicine.

Not only fruit that could be used as medicine, but also the leaves, stems and roots of the plant Morinda citrifolia also have efficacy of each. Noni is rich in enzymes and antioxidants, and is also believed to increase the energy in the body. In addition to antioxidants, noni also contain selenium compounds, as well xeronine, glycosides, scopoletin, terpine, limonene, and anthraquinone.

Below is more detail about the health benefits of noni juice scientifically proven through various research:

1. Improve Endurance Body

A study conducted by Dr. Schechter (Institute of Natural Medicine in California) have found data Important benefits of noni juice, noni which can stimulate the production of T cells in the immune system (cell T is a cell that plays an important role in fighting disease, strengthens the immune system, especially macrofaset and lymphocytes of the white blood cells, the study also found that noni acts as an anti-bacterial, can reduce pain (analgesic), and can inhibit the growth of tumor cells/cancer is the ability of the noni can normalize cells.

Medical Director at D.C. General Hospital, USA and also at the Boston University School of Medicine, reported that noni can improve the function of the thymus gland and the thyroid gland, so it can fight infections and problems related to the immune system.

2. Normalize Blood Pressure

According to the health problems of American researchers named Neil Solomon, MD.PhD, noni contains a similar scopoletin which serves to widen the channel of the blood vessel. This will not cause cardiac need to work too hard to pump blood so that the blood pressure became normal. The results of animal testing can prove that scopoletin lowering high blood pressure. In addition, the scopoletin contained in the noni fruit can interact synergistically with other nutraceuticals to manage high blood pressure so that the blood pressure became normal, but did not lower the normal blood pressure.

All this time never found cases in which the blood pressure down to normal lead to low blood pressure (hypotension). The experts have also studied noni, and they agree that these plants contribute to lower blood pressure in many case.

Simple clinical trial conducted at the Mt. Sinai School of Medicine in New York showed that many people who consume noni reported that their blood pressure becomes high when stopped drinking noni juice, and blood pressure will return back to normal when consuming noni juice on a regular basis.

3. Against Cancer and Tumor

A study presented at the annual meeting of the American Association fin. In this study, rats were given injections of “Lewis Lung Carcinoma” which is a kind of cancer. The rats were not treated with noni will die within 9-12 days. Whereas the rats treated with noni survive about 105-123 % longer and about 40 percent of the rats can live up to 50 days or more.

Then the study was repeated several times and the result is always proved that noni is found to significantly prolong the life of mice with cancer, the conclusion that the results of this study say that noni can inhibit tumor growth.

There are some cases of cancer patients can be cured when taking noni juice on a regular basis, for example is cases of Dr. Harrison patients that located in D.C. General Hospital, suffering from liver cancer and stomach swelling caused by excess fluid. He’s taking noni juice for 7 days, and swelling in the stomach reduced significantly, and latest test results on the patient’s abdomen showed that the cancer cells have disappeared.

According to research at Harvard University, noni able to work synergistically with other micronutrients in an effort to impede the flow of blood leading to tumor cells. The mechanism is similar to squalene oil that can control tumor growth with brain damage equipment circulation that supplies blood to the tumor cells.

4. Eliminate Pain

This is attributed to the ability of the protein to normalize xeronine on abnormal cells, for example, such as cells of brain tissue. Many cases of chronic pain such as headaches constantly, muscle soreness nerve and joint pain cured after taking Noni juice.

5. Addressing Inflammation and Allergy

The compound scopoletin (hydroxy-methoxy-coumarin) is very effective as an anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic. Literature medical report on the successful treatment of arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, also bursitis, and allergies using scopoletin. Some patients who have arthritis also began to experience real progress after drinking Noni juice. The doctor offers Noni juice as additional food/supplement and not a drug to the patient.

6. Noni Juice as Anti-bacterial

Noni contains anti-bacterial ingredients that can be used to treat heart disease and digestive problems. Antraquinon compound that is widely available on the noni roots are proven to fight bacteria that cause Staphylococcus infections of the heart and Shigella bacteria that cause dysentery.

Microbiologist from Utah, USA, found that yeast molds and fungi and their toxins it produces can cause the body’s cells become sick, it is because the degree of acidity (pH) increases. If consume Noni juice the situation can be resolved as noni helps regulate the pH balance in the body, by increasing the body’s ability to absorb minerals, and also proteins and vitamins.

Efficacy Supplement

Noni has other properties that have not been proven medically, but empirically have a lot of people who undergoing refurbishment and improvement of health after consuming the juice. Some of the health problems that can be solved using Noni :

7. Digestive System: Abdominal bloating, injury to the small intestine, and also vomiting, stomach ulcers,  and also food poisoning.

8. Respiratory system: cough, tuberculosis, also bronchitis, sore throat,  and cholera, fever in infants, sinusitis, also asthma.

9. Cardiovascular system: thickening of the heart muscle, and also high cholesterol, increasing oxygen transport within the cell.

10. Skin diseases: boils, cellulite, burns, also scabies,  skin worms,  and also dandruff, ringworm, and inflammation of the skin, ulcers on skin, and skin problems on the other.

11. Mouth and throat: sore throat, mouth sores, cough, bleeding gums, tooth ache.

12. Menstrual disorders: for examples like pain during menstruation,  also premenstrual syndrome, and also irregular menstrual cycles.

13. Ageless: Noni juice also could be used as a tonic to overcome the wrinkles due to aging.

14. Diseases in the body: hip pain, headaches, also Diabetes, chronic hepatitis,  also impaired renal function, urinary stones, and interference with thyroid hormone.

15. Deficiency of the immune system: Diseases Epstein-Barr virus, chronic candidiasis, a disease caused by HIV infection, shortage energy (AES=altered energy syndrome).

Perhaps you are wondering, why a plant species such as noni, can cure so many types of diseases? Scientific research shows that constituents in noni fruit has the property to stimulate the formation of immunity, cleanse the blood, regulating cell function , regeneration of damaged cells and inhibits tumor growth.

Health Tips: 7 Natural Ways to Increase Testosterone Hormone Levels

testosterone hormone

Testosterone is a steroid hormone from the androgen group which plays an important role for health, either in men or women. Researchers said that on average men produce about 20 times more than women. This hormone levels are at the highest point at a young age, and will decrease when a person enters their 30s.

Do you often feel tired, depressed, and it is difficult to concentrate? If yes, then chances are you including one in tens of millions of people in the world who have low testosterone levels or ” Low- T “.

In addition responsible for sexual function, this hormone also plays an important role in keeping muscles and bones to stay strong, and keep the fat to remain evenly distributed in the body. In addition, low levels of testosterone can cause a variety of health problems including an increase in “bad” cholesterol.

Increase Testosterone Hormone Levels Naturally
Actually, supplements to increase testosterone has been around for many years, but people are still skeptical about the existence of long- term side effects. And in some circumstances, such as those who have a history of prostate cancer was warned not to consume the supplement. The good news, there are a natural and safe ways to increase testosterone levels, which are as follows :

1. Lose weight
Excess body fat can lower testosterone levels, especially when overweight is focused in the form of belly fat. Some study also found that 40 percent of obese men have low testosterone levels. The other study also found that 75 percent of men who are very overweight, whether young or old, are known to have low testosterone levels. So, one solution is to increase testosterone levels by way of losing weight.

2. Drinking Coffee
In addition, caffeine can also increase testosterone levels. The researcher in Harvard School found that drinking five (170 grams) cups of coffee every day for a month known to increase testosterone to estrogen ratio of nearly 200 percent in men who are overweight even though the effect is not long lasting. However, you should first consult your doctor before taking them .

3. Increase your intake of vitamin D
Vitamin D is actually a hormone, , approximately 75 percent of Americans are deficient of this vitamin. A three-year study on adult men published in Hormone and Metabolic Research found that men who have high levels of vitamin D are known to higher testosterone levels than those with vitamin D levels in the body are low.

Another study found that men with low testosterone levels who were given supplements of vitamin D every day for a year increase testosterone levels by 20%. Some scientists believe that vitamin D keeps the body from converting testosterone-to-estrogen, which at the same time make the receptors on the adrenal gland (which releases the hormone testosterone) to be more sensitive.

4. Coping with stress
According to a study from the University of Texas at Austin, if a person is stressed, the body releases the stress hormone cortisol in large numbers. It can inhibit the role of the hormone testosterone. Robert Josephs, leader of the study revealed that when cortisol levels remain high as that experienced by people in a state of stress, the ability to reproduce (testosterone) will be more difficult. However, the effect of the hormone cortisol decreased with decreasing levels of stress experienced by a person.

5. Enough sleep
A Dutch study found that elderly men (64-74 years old) can increase their testosterone levels by getting enough sleep the night. The longer they sleep, the more testosterone circulating in their blood. Lack of sleep can lower testosterone levels. Some study also found that lack of sleep during the week can lower testosterone levels by up to 15 percent.

6. Exercise
In addition to maintaining fitness, exercise can increase testosterone levels. The researcher  found that testosterone levels will remain high for the next 48 hours after lifting weights. Meanwhile, a different study showed that exercise in a short time the sprint 6 seconds, can significantly increase testosterone levels. Other studies have found that exercise in the evening also effective in increasing testosterone levels. However, do not be too excessive in doing so, because a study in University of North Carolina found that excessive exercise can decrease testosterone levels by 40 percent.

7. Consuming Nuts
Almonds, Brazil nuts, walnuts, and peanuts can increase the production of testosterone. Several studies have found that men who eat foods high in monounsaturated fats, the type of fat often found in nuts, are known to have very high testosterone levels. Levels of aspartic acid (one of the 20 amino acid building blocks of protein) that is high in nuts can increase testosterone production and improves blood flow in the body.

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Vitamin D And All The Information – Best Medicines

Vitamin D Information

Vitamin D is a vitamin that quite often we hear as well as vitamin A and vitamin C. It is not without reason given vitamin D has an important role in maintaining the body’s health to prevent diseases such as diabetes, multiple sclerosis (multiple sclerosis), heart disease, depression, and even cancer. Researchers generally have high expectations of the role of vitamin D for the body, in which the vitamin is fairly easy to obtain as in foods, supplements, and sunlight. Check out the review over the following.

Vitamin D Improves Bone Health
Vitamin D is essential for keeping bones strong, ranging from infants to grandparents. This vitamin helps the body to absorb calcium from food. In older adults, a daily dose of vitamin D and calcium can help prevent brittle bones and fractures. Children need vitamin D to help strengthen bones and prevent rickets (softening of the bones and causes bowed legs in children).

Vitamin D and Multiple Sclerosis
Multiple sclerosis (MS) or multiple sclerosis is an inflammatory form of disorder that occurs in the spinal cord and brain. Multiple sclerosis often occurs in people who live in areas that are less illuminated sunlight. For years, experts suspect a link between sunlight, vitamin D levels in the body, and autoimmune disorders that damage the nerves. One new clue came from a study that found an association between a rare gene defect with low vitamin D in the body and a higher risk for experiencing Multiple Sclerosis.

Vitamin D and Diabetes
Several studies have shown an association between low levels of vitamin D with type 2 diabetes. In addition, low levels of vitamin D in pregnant women with gestational diabetes are also related. However, the experts do not have enough evidence whether increasing vitamin D levels can prevent diabetes. Clearly, low levels of vitamin D associated with the risk for developing diabetes.

Vitamin D and Colon Cancer
It is too soon to conclude that vitamin D can fight cancer overall. But new research suggests that people with high levels of vitamin D in their blood are known to have a lower risk for colon cancer.

Vitamin D and Heart Disease
Low levels of vitamin D in the body have been associated with a greater risk for heart attack, stroke, and heart disease. But it is not yet certain is whether to increase the intake of vitamin D may reduce the risks of the disease.

Vitamin D and Dementia
Parents are more likely to have vitamin D levels that are too low. The researchers found that older people with vitamin D deficiency performed poorly on tests of memory, attention, and reasoning compared to other parents who have sufficient levels of vitamin D in their blood. However, further research is needed to determine whether vitamin D supplements can prevent or slow the mental decline of dementia.

Vitamin D and Weight Loss
Research has shown that people who are obese often have low vitamin D levels. Body fat can snare (trap) of vitamin D, clarify why the lack of this vitamin in the body of people who are overweight. A small study showed that adding vitamin D intake in the diet can help facilitate people who are overweight to lose weight.

Vitamin D and Depression
Vitamin D plays a role in brain development and function. A promising research has shown that high doses of vitamin D can reduce the symptoms of mild depression, while other studies show mixed results.

Vitamin D from Sunlight
When skin is exposed to sun exposure, your body will naturally produce vitamin D. It is the main source of vitamin D. White people may be quite ‘sunbathing’ for 5-10 minutes several times a week. However, in the elderly and people whose skin is dark, should not be too long to be exposed to sun exposure. Experts recommend relying on them for food and supplements. And for those who are outdoors, you should use a sun block to avoid skin cancer.

Vitamin D from foods
Many foods that are rich in vitamin D, such as fish such as salmon, swordfish, or mackerel. Other fatty fish such as tuna and sardines also offer vitamin D, but the number is lower. In addition, vitamin D can also be found in egg yolks, beef liver, cereals, and milk. Choose foods for your breakfast wisely so that you can also get a large intake of vitamin D. Cow’s milk, soy milk, orange juice, cereal, bread, and yogurt are good sources of vitamin D that you can consume as breakfast. You can also get vitamin D intake by taking supplements.

Someone Factors Contributing to Vitamin D Deficiency
There are several factors that cause you lack of vitamin D, some of which are :

Aged 50 years or more.
Dark skinned.
Live in areas that rarely get sunlight.
Overweight, obesity, gastric bypass surgery.
Milk allergy or lactose intolerance.
Liver or gastrointestinal disease, such as Crohn’s disease or celiac.
Symptoms of Vitamin D Deficiency
Most people with low vitamin D levels generally do not have specific symptoms. But in adults, vitamin D deficiency can lead to severe softening of the bones, usually called osteomalacia. These symptoms include bone pain and muscle weakness. In children, severe vitamin D deficiency can cause rickets, soft bones symptoms, and problems with bone skeleton.

Vitamin D Needs Appropriate Recommendations
The amount of vitamin D the body needs depends on age and risk factors. The Institute of Medicine recommends that intake recommendation for vitamin D is 600 IU (International Units) per day in adults. Whereas in those aged 71 years or more, then the increased requirement which is 800 IU per day. Maximum intake of vitamin D that the body is still tolerable for adults is 4000 IU. For children, the recommended requirement of vitamin D per day is 400 IU to 600 IU. Furthermore, consult with their child’s doctor about the need for additional intake of vitamin D.

Excess intake of Vitamin D
Excessive levels of vitamin D in the body can increase the levels of calcium in your blood. This can cause damage to blood vessels, heart, and kidneys. Therefore, Instute of Medicine set a tolerance limit of vitamin D is 4000 IU per day.

Drugs That Interact With Vitamin D
Some medications can cause your body to absorb vitamin D. difficulty The drugs in question are like laxatives, steroids, anti -seizure drugs and anti-cholesterol. If you are taking digoxin, a heart medication, too much vitamin D can increase calcium levels in the blood and can also cause abnormal heart rhythms. Therefore, it is important to consult with your doctor about the use of vitamin D supplements.