Kids Health: 9 Healthy Snack Ideas For Kids

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Healthy snacks for kids is very important. Especially when you look at the growing epidemic of obesity, it is easy to see how important it is to ensure that our children not only eat healthy foods, but also a healthy snack in between meals.

When we look at what is called the snacks that are marketed to kids, it almost seems that this is some of the most unhealthy food around us! Snacks such as candy full of sugar and food coloring, salty crunchy snacks, and granola bars are more like a candy bar with oats is not really a healthy snack. These 9 healthy snacks that very good for our kids health….

With these tips you can ensure that your child’s belly full of nutritious foods :

1. Pineapple Ice Cream
This frozen pineapple ice which is one of children’s favorite snack, so easy to make. It only takes a blender, some canned pineapple, bananas, and vanilla low-fat yogurt to make a healthy snack that has a different taste but healthy! Make sure you have popsicle molds or ice cube trays to freeze it and it is very fun to do with your kids, and certainly a refreshing snacks and healthy.

2. Fruits and vegetables Muffins
This is called the fruit and vegetable muffins because they are delicious muffins that added applesauce, bananas, and carrots are all included in a healthy snack for one bite! And children hardly know that all fruits and vegetables in it. While it is good to teach children to try fruits and vegetables alone, and I also felt good to be able to hide some of the fruits and vegetables in the extra food they eat every day to make sure they are getting enough nutrition.

You not only can put carrots, apples, but also bananas and other. You could try adding grated zucchini to improve nutrition as well ! For once bite size or full-size muffins are equally delicious. Make kids to try it!

3. White Beans Sauce
Children tend to love to dip food into all sorts of sauces. There are lots of sauces such as tomato sauce or ketchup and other sauces that milk should be healthy. White bean sauce not just liked the kids and tasty, but also healthy! Nuts are loaded with healthy protein and fiber, and this sauce contains very little fat. Serve with carrots, celery to fill the free time children with healthy snacks and cheap.

4. Sweet Potato
We particularly liked the sweet potatoes to be consumed as a snack for the kids to get through the day. Sweet potato itself is just loaded with nutrients such as vitamins A and C as well as a healthy dietary fiber. They can be packed in a lunch menu or as an afternoon snack when the kids get hungry and before dinner approached. Of course there are many varieties of sweet potatoes are available in many places, but this by itself would make the menu more to save money than buy.

5. Dried Peaches
Dried fruit is a favorite among children. And it’s definitely a much healthier choice than ever popular fruit snack for kids. This recipe for dried peaches definitely fits in the late summer when fresh peaches are plentiful. This is a great way to enjoy a bit of summer harvest after summer passes.

6. Falafel
Falafel is another healthy snack that can be packed in lunches or as a simple snack. Made with fiber-rich beans, some vegetables, and a little oil for cooking, it is a miracle nutrient. Children will love to dip in tzatziki or yogurt sauce.

7. Gluten -Free Energy Booster Bars
Now, energy booster bar is easy to be made, they also happen to be gluten-free if it is a concern you or someone in your family! Even so, they were delicious even if you do not require a gluten-free diet. Makes energy bars by yourself will definitely save more money than buying in the store.

8. Smooth Mango Fruit
Many types of mangoes that are sure to make you add it into the list of healthy snacks for children. Mangoes are a favorite when in season peach and mango. Plain Greek yogurt and milk helps boost calcium and protein in the mango supply fruit and of course a lot of fiber and vitamins and minerals.

9. Dried Apples
Dried apple is another favorite snack. In the fall, when apples are in quality and best price, we buy lots and there are fresh aplples and there are ones that have been dried ! They are snacks that can be taken anywhere, and the perfect fit for your lunch, or a quick afternoon snack.