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Health Benefits of Coconut Oil – Coconut oil has a very good range of benefits for your health. This is because the efficacy and the benefits are so many and it can be said that coconuts is a natural gift. Coconut oil is discussed here is not the kind of coconut/palm oil that refined in factory which as we know has been mixed with other substances. What is meant here is pure coconut oil which processed traditionally and naturally (virgin coconut oil).

Coconut oil has also been used as a traditional medicine in India since 5000 years ago. So far, we already consider that coconut oil as a source of disease because it contain saturated fats. Experts said that as long as the fat levels in coconut oil is not too high, then the oil will be very beneficial for health.

The following are the properties and benefits of coconut oil for health  – Top 14 Health Benefits of Coconut Oil :

1. Make Hair More Beautiful
Coconut oil is one natural remedy that can cope with almost all hair problems. When we massage our hair with coconut oil regularly can make the hair becomes healthier, longer, free of dandruff and removes lice in the hair. Virgin coconut oil contains a variety of nutrients that can help keep hair healthy and look more radiant.
Tips : Apply coconut oil thoroughly into the hair for about 1 hour before shampooing, it will make the hair more beautiful, healthy, and will be longer.

2. Healthy Skin
Do you Want to have a healthy skin? So, do not be lazy to consume virgin coconut oil because it can maintain the beauty and health of the skin naturally from the inside. Coconut oil is a natural moisturizer that makes your skin more healthy glow, especially for those who have dry skin. Coconut oil is also proven to prevent skin becomes wrinkled, and able to treat a variety of skin diseases such as mildew, and also psoriasis, and dermatitis.

3. Eliminate Stress
Research also has shown that coconut oil can relieve stress. That is by gently rubbing the oil on the scalp. In addition, the scent of coconut oil can calm the mind and be more effective if coupled with a gentle massage on the scalp.

4. Health Benefits of Coconut Oil for Weight Loss
Lower fatty acid contained in coconut oil is believed to help lose weight. This is because coconut oil is able to increase the body’s metabolism and can reduce the stress on the pancreas that helps burn more fat.

5. Staged Digestion
The virgin coconut oil also contains antibacterial that can help the body digest essential nutrients such as minerals, vitamins, and amino acids and proteins. Additionally, is able to prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi that cause indigestion that makes digestion more smoothly.

6. Heal The Wounds
Since dahuhlu when coconut oil is often used in traditional medicine. When applied to the wound, coconut oil is able to prevent dust and dirt get into the wound so that the wound will heal faster.

7. Health Benefits of Coconut Oil that can Prevent Heart Disease
Because it contains 50 % lauric acid, coconut oil is proven to prevent heart disease and keep the heart healthy. The study also proved that the saturated fat content in coconut oil are not harmful, because it does not raise levels of LDL in the blood and can protect the arteries.

8. Maintain Immune System
Coconut oil can keep the body always fit and protect the body from various kinds of chronic and dangerous diseases such as kidney disease and gallbladder. In the case of diabetes, the virgin coconut oil shown to help control and insulin secretion. Moreover, it also helps the bones and teeth to absorb calcium and magnesium from foods. It’s amazing health benefits of coconut oil

9. Accelerate The Healing Process
The people in the world especially in Panama like drinking virgin coconut oil to treat and accelerate the healing process.

10. Maintaining Brain Health
Some studies also have shown that by consuming coconut oil regularly able to maintain brain health in old age.

11. Helps The Absorption Of Nutrients
Consuming vitamin E and virgin coconut oil simultaneously is a solution to facilitate the absorption of nutrients in the digestive tract.

12. Controlling Blood Sugar Levels
Virgin coconut oil will not trigger an increase in the hormone insulin in the blood vessels. On the contrary, if we consume it will help control blood sugar levels by improving the performance of insulin.

13. Speed ​​Up Metabolism
As mentioned earlier, coconut oil contains fatty acids sequence in moderation, it is able to stimulate the body’s metabolism becomes more quickly and can provide additional energy in the body.

14. Kill Bacteria
Caprylic acid that contained in virgin coconut oil has been shown to kill harmful bacteria that can interfere with our health.

Well, that’s some of the benefits and efficacy of coconut oil. But remember, What is meant here is virgin coconut oil (pure coconut oil) instead of refined coconut or palm oil which mixed with other substances. Hopefully the article about the Health Benefits of Coconut Oil can be useful for those who read it. Thank you – Regards..

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