Where You Cannot Manage Not To Tour In Paris

You cannot afford not to check some of the fabulous sightseeing experiences that Paris can offer you if you have decided to tour Paris or France. It is invaluable that you do not hesitate to check some of the places you can visit in Paris if you do not know your next tourist destination. Knowing some of the sites that you can view while on your tour to Paris will allow you to make plans for the travel in the right way. Content of this item will present the places that you have to travel to when you get to Paris.

Do not miss the chance to visit The Wall of Love when you are in your Paris tour. You will find the word “I Love You,” written in 250 languages on this wall located next to the Abbesses shop. The fact that you will not pay any charges so that you can view this wall means that you cannot manage not to make a stop at it even if it is not in your plan. You can have the best picture on your Instagram and Facebook account when you visit The Wall of Love since it presents a unique scene that you cannot find anywhere else.

You cannot say you have been to France without visiting one of the oldest bridges in Paris, Pont Neuf. The bridge is the one that links the Right Bank to Ile la de Cite and you will have the space to observe the Eiffel tower from it. The most informed choice is looking at the bridge keenly so that you can learn the architectural design.

The worst mistake you can make is touring Paris but not getting the space to go to the catacombs which have a spectacular site and history. At first the catacombs were tunnels in Paris, but their role changed in the 17th century to store the bodies of the dead when the cemeteries in the city were full. If you want to see the bodies of Paris inhabitants then; you should not hesitate to plan catacombs tour. It is possible that you will have to spend hours or even days on a line at the catacombs since it is one of the places everyone will want to visit. If you do not want to spend hours or days on the line; you should schedule a tour that will give you access to the services of a tour guide.

There is a need that you ensure you will visit Rue des Martyrs which is a street market in the neighborhood of Paris that has lasted for more than two centuries. In this market, you will see some of the best chic boutiques, gourmet cafes, chocolatier shops, fruit and fish, and many other things.